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Could This Free 5 Day Low Carb Challenge Change Your Life?
Have you always struggled with your weight?
Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes or have you been told you are insulin resistant?
Do you suffer from low or constantly fluctuating energy levels?
Do you have high blood pressure or retain a large amount of fluid?
Are you always hungry and constantly thinking about food (and does this drive you mad!)?
Are you sick of eating bland, tasteless food that leaves you feeling deprived and sad?
Do you have unsettled poor quality sleep that leaves you feeling exhausted and grumpy during the day?
If you answered YES to one or more of the above, then this FREE 5 Day Low Carb Challenge could be the start of an amazing (and life changing) journey for you!
I'm Vicky Kuriel, leading low carb dietitian and I have designed this 5-Day Low Carb Challenge as a way for you to dip your toes in the water and begin making a few simple changes to your diet that will begin to set you up for a lifetime of health and wellbeing.
On joining this challenge you will receive 5 fundamental low carb principles that you can begin applying immediately to your diet to get you onto the low carb pathway for good. Plus you will receive 10 delicious easy to prepare low carb recipes that I know you will love. There are no special products required to get started and all meals are simple and quick to prepare. All you need is real food and a desire to create change in your life
Why You Should Go Low-Carb
Managing your health and weight doesn't have to be miserable. Most diets require you to count calories and spend hours weighing and measuring your food - this only results in feelings of deprivation and out-of-control hunger and cravings.
Low carb will set you free from yoyo dieting for good! You can expect effortless and lasting weight loss and exceptional control of hunger and cravings without ever having to count a single calorie or weight and measure anything!
What Dayna had to say about one of our challenges.
"Since participating in the challenge I have increased energy - I'd been feeling very flat and overwhelmed with life before the challenge and now I feel much more able to take on my busy schedule. I am sleeping better - this together with the energy increase has definitely improved my mood and decreased my grumpiness towards my husband and kids. I have lost weight and have decreased bloating - I put on my pre-baby skinny jeans today and not only did they fit but they were comfy!"
Incredible Results
I have seen remarkable results and transformations in my patients over and over again. You will be blown away by the impact low carb can have on your life
What's Included In The FREE 5 Day Low Carb Challenge?
Delivered via email and video here is what is included in the challenge
5 x Getting Started Videos
Practical easy to apply tips that will get you moving in the right direction immediately
10 x Yummy LCHF Recipes
Recipes are the cornerstone to implementing new dietary habits. These will demonstrate just how delicious LCHF is.
Trusted Resources
Developed and written by leading LCHF dietitian Vicky Kuriel
You can expect to be eating delicious food until you feel completely satisfied and at the same time lose weight and improve your health - we'll show you how!
In just the next few days you could be well on your way to creating a healthier, leaner, happier life for yourself. Sign-up below and get started today